• Press Only | 10+ Prints

Press Only | 10+ Prints

$ 18.00

$ 12.00

BLANK TYPE: E.g., short sleeve tee, long sleeve dress, short sleeve romper, etc. 

DESIGN NUMBER: Our design numbers are listed on the bottom of every design on our site. Any design can be used on white blanks! Designs with an asterisk (*) can be used on both colored and white blanks.

PERSONALIZATION: Please list your monograms in the order they should appear on the design: first, LAST, middle. Also, please note if the design requires both a name AND a monogram. 

Please double check your information. Your items will directly reflect the personalization entered for your order.


Blanks Boutique, Blossom Blanks, and ARB Blanks sell to the public. 

We highly advise against shirts with pleats around the neckline.

We know you will be pleased with the outcome of boutique quality blanks! Please note that all blanks do not press the same or provide the same quality as the blanks we use. We suggest using mostly cotton items. Items with polyester in them may have a vintage effect. We are not responsible for replacing or refunding blanks provided by the customer.

**PLEASE DO NOT WASH YOUR ITEMS BEFORE PRESSING! We use extremely high heat on the blanks, so anything (things also invisible to the naked eye) on the blank is likely to burn. We are not responsible for burn marks due to laundered, previously worn, or blanks with any spots on them.

  • Coupon codes are NOT accepted on press only items.
  • If you would like to order adult sized prints, with either a full front, full back, or full back and pocket, these will be an additional $2 per design
  • We are not responsible for replacing or refunding blanks provided by the customer.

If you order through Blanks Boutique, we will be happy to pick up your order! Simply email letting us know your order has been placed. If you do not purchase your blanks from Blanks Boutique, you can send them to us at:

104 Watterson Parkway | Trussville, AL, 35173.